50th Reunion Survey

Greetings NHS class of 1974

It's time for our 50th high school reunion and we would like your input.  Please complete the brief survey below and we will start the planning. If you have questions or additional comments please contact  admin@nhs1974durhamnc.com

Current plans, based on comments from classmates, are to have the reunion in the fall of 2024 (September, October, November) at a venue like Croasdaile Country Club, where the 45th reunion was held in November 2019. Most seem to prefer a DJ for music and a dance floor. If you have suggestions or comments, enter them at the end of the survey.

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1)   Would you like to include other classes?

  Just class of 1974
  OK either way
2)   Would you prefer a live band or a DJ for music?

  Live band
3)   How would you like the food served?

  Plated dinner
  Multi Stations
  Heavy Hors d"oeuvres
  Any of above
4)   Would you be willing to serve on a reunion committee? If yes, please send an email to admin@nhs1974durhamnc.com

  Locating classmates
  Collecting raffle items
  Website maintenance
  Sorry don't have time
5)   We need funds to maintain our website and to keep the cost of reunions and activities low. Would you or the business you are affiliated with be willing to sponsor our class or place an ad on our website? If yes, please send an email to admin@nhs1974durhamnc.com

Yes No
6)   What other activities would you consider attending the weekend of the reunion? In the past, we've had outdoor gatherings and tours of Durham.

  Golf the morning of the reunion.
  Brunch the morning after the reunion (probably Sunday).
  Lunch the day after the reunion (probably Sunday).
  Tour of interesting, new or historical sites in the Durham area.
  Tour of the old (retired) Northern High School.
7)   Do you have any other suggestions or comments?